Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School

'Living and sharing the message of Christ, in peace we go forward together.'

Community activites and events

Partington Library Wellbeing centre provides creative opportunities for social interaction and a culture of learning, encouraging individuals to try something new or rediscover an old interest, or take on a new responsibility or challenge – learning makes you more confident and can be fun.

Partington Library Wellbeing centre provide partnership support to community groups /services who access the building and provide wellbeing services. blueSCI collaborates with existing community groups in Partington that can benefit from a regular space for meetings and events and from interaction with other groups and the wider community.

The reception and front of house is run by Library staff and blueSCI volunteers, improving access to all the services in the Centre and encouraging the transference of skills and knowledge.

The centre has a community Café and a number of rooms and areas for health and well-being activities.

The café is open 8am-8pm and the Wellbeing centre is open 9-8pm.

The Community Café is situated within Partington Library and Wellbeing Centre and is run by Rainbow Café in partnership with blueSCI. The café is set up to provide a place where people can come to eat a reasonably priced meal in a sociable environment, providing an ideal opportunity to promote the five ways to wellbeing.

Ear4U received a grant from Partington Community Grant fund to set up as a not for profit community café. They offer a listening Ear service to the community, organise events and activities that foster communication, interaction and exchange between diverse groups within the community and the wider Trafford community, including local residents, young people and adults, and people of different cultures and beliefs. .

Please see the website for a list activities and services.

If you wish to access or find out more about any of the activities and services, or interested please call in or ring reception on 0161 912 3192 or contact Sue Frost Wellbeing Development Manager on 07884303933. sue@bluesci.org.uk