Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School

Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School

'Living and sharing the message of Christ, in peace we go forward together.'

The Vision for Our Curriculum

To ensure our children are part of a Faith filled community, where the children are at the centre of everything.

The children at Our Lady of Lourdes will grow in FAITH, LOVE, HOPE and EXCELLENCE. Everyone will be given the opportunity to reach their full potential by becoming CONFIDENT, RESILIENT, INCLUSIVE, INDEPENDENT, YOUNG LEARNERS.

Curriculum INTENT

The curriculum at Our Lady of Lourdes is built around our Catholic Faith, the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.  Our mission statement is at the heart of everything we do – ‘Living and sharing the message of Christ, in peace we move forward together.’ Children experience a joyful curriculum with a positive ethos. There is a huge emphasis on team work and developing a supportive, respectful culture. Our curriculum is inclusive, where our children take responsibility, work hard and succeed as a team.

Our school is based in Partington - this is an area of deprivation.  Our curriculum powerfully addresses social disadvantage by ensuring that it meets the particular needs of our children. Our baseline assessments indicate that starting points are lower than national. Therefore ….

  • There is a huge emphasis on speech and Language from Nursery through to Year 6.
  • Our curriculum promotes a high level of parent involvement as we believe that parents are their child’s first educators and children succeed well when parents work in partnership with school.
  • We recognise that we need to teach in a meaningful and connected way, ensuring our children remember more over time. We provide children with experiences and opportunities to make links and enrich our curriculum.
  • Teachers plan a curriculum that is consistent and has a high level of routine. Pastoral care and support is high priority in all areas aspects of school life, providing our children with nurture and care at all times.