Meet the Staff and Classes

Acting Head Teacher Mrs  Natalie Gaulton (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Deputy Head Teacher/SENDCO/ Year 5 Teacher


Mrs Julia Bill (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Nursery Mrs Louise O'Donnell/Mrs Ellie Grant

Mrs Catherine Harrison 

Year 1 Miss Helen Drinkwater
Year 2 Miss Caitlyn Farrar
Year 3 Mrs Siobhan Lydon
Year 4 Mr Anthony Bowers
Year 5 Mr Michael Tuck
Year 6 Mrs Julia Bill/Miss Danielle Roberts




Teaching Assistant

Mrs Paula Briggs

Teaching Assistant

Miss Rebecca Dunn
Teaching Assistant Mrs Angela Gannon
Teaching Assistant Ms Gemma Gauckwin
Teaching Assistant Mrs Saira Li
Teaching Assistant Mrs Teresa Walls
Teaching Assistant Mrs Jane Moran
Teaching Assistant Mrs Carol Winn


School Business Manager


Mrs Marie McGarvey

Clerical Support

Mrs Christine Houghton
Office Assistant Mrs Maria O'Shea


Midday Assistant



Mrs Kath Woolgar

Midday Assistant Mrs Sharon Jeal
Midday Assistant Mrs Carmel Roberts
Midday Assistant Mrs June Ainsworth
Midday Assistant Mrs Mandy Harrop



Site Manager Mrs Angela Dennis
Cleaner  Mr Tommy Thirlwall
Cleaner Mrs Mandy Harrop
Kitchen staff Mrs Simone Haworth
Kitchen staff Mrs Nicola Hardman