The Mission Statement of Our School


 “Living and sharing the message of Christ,

in peace we move forward together.”


The aim of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School is to welcome each child as Christ welcomed children. We encourage our pupils to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude which will enable them to fulfil a truly Christian role in society.



Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School


The children, staff and governors have been working hard to decide which VALUES are the most important for us as a school.

We call these our CORE VALUES – the things that make our school unique and special.


We are proud of our Core Values

and work towards making them happen every day.


LOOK OUT around the school - our Core Values are displayed everywhere!


We have all agreed that:


We aim to be

A “Learning” School

A “Safe” School

An “Achieving” School

A “Listening” School

A “Catholic” School

A “Respectful” School

A "Prayerful" School

A “Fun” School

An "Inspirational" School


 Here is our FULL LIST of values – we promise to work towards all of these as much as we can.

 Aspiring, Joyful, Focused

Modern, Passionate, Enthusiastic

Generous, Prayerful, Faithful

Patient, Kind, Caring

Sharing, Thoughtful, Positive

Friendly, Collaborative, Helpful

Compassionate, Loving, Forgiving

Polite, Honest, Peaceful

Responsible, Healthy, Strong

Courageous, Determined, Self-Sustaining