Welcome to Year 3!

The class teacher is Mrs S Lydon supported by Mrs N Davis teaching assistant

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Read on and find out what's in store for year 3 this Spring term.

R.E. This half term the children will be learning about The Mass.

About this topic

This topic looks in more detail at the different parts of the mass and further prepares the children for their upcoming Holy Communion. In particular, we will be learning about the importance of the Last Supper and its relevance as to why we take the body and blood of Jesus Christ during the mass.


The Children are going to be learning about:


English: Finding information from the text about the character and using the text to prove a point within an answer.

Topic:  The history and life of a Roman, within Rome and around the world.

Art and design: Creating Roman mosaics and creating Roman artefacts.

In Computing: Typing using a keyboard, altering text, using punctuation, inserting pictures and clip art within a Word document.

In Science: We will be looking at the Human Body.  During this topic we will find out about how our bodies are composed, what it requires to maintain a healthy life, including exercise and nutrition.



Under the New National Curriculum framework we will be concentrating on mental addition and subtraction, place value, mental multiplication and statistics and measurement this term. We will be focusing in particular on fractions, 3 and 4 times tables, time, addition and subtraction using different strategies.


Key Information


In Year 3 we go swimming every Tuesday afternoon. This is a fantastic opportunity for some of us to learn how to swim and for others of us to develop our skills.

Boys need to wear close fitting trunks (not board shorts), girls need to wear a costume (no bikinis), no goggles, talc or deodorant. Swimming hats will be provided


PE is every Wednesday afternoon.

All children need to have a P.E. kit -

White t-shirt, black or blue shorts, white socks and trainers or black pumps. This needs to be kept in school for each term, and taken home at the end of term for a wash. P.E.is usually on a Wednesday but may vary during t

Homework:  Homework will be given on a Friday and will be expected back in on Wednesday. The children will be encouraged to hand it in any day prior to Wednesday morning - NB Homework will always be given based on what we are learning in class and will be explained to the children before being handed out, if they do not understand it prior to Wednesday morning, please do not hesitate to speak to Mr Boyd to get further guidance.

Spellings will be given on a Friday and then the children will be tested the following Wednesday. If the child does not achieve 6 or more correct answers, they shall be asked to stay within the classroom to practice spelling the words they spelt incorrectly.

Reading books - the children are encouraged to read at home. This can include newspapers, recipes and comics, to gain experience reading a multitude of information formats.

Reading records must be signed by an adult in order for books to be changed.


All children should have a water bottle to sip from. The bottle needs to be taken home at the end of the day to be cleaned and re-filled.


I am looking forward to a hard working fun term - If you need to discuss homework, anything to do with rewards systems or how your child is developing, then please do not hesitate to make an appointment to speak to me after school.


Thank you.

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