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 Miss Johnson is the class teacher and Mrs Moran will also work with the class every morning. Year 6 are fortunate enough to have specialist coaches for PE.

Children must be in our classroom by 08:55 and be dressed in the correct uniform. As year 6, and the eldest children in the school, I know that they will be great role models for the rest of the children and make sure they lead by example.

Children are encouraged to bring water bottles in to the classroom. Drinking water throughout the day and keeping hydrated will improve concentration.These can be left in school overnight and will be filled with fresh water each morning. Water bottles should be placed on the sink at the end of each day to be refilled for the following morning. 

The children will have daily maths lessons covering the National Curriculum’s Year 6 objectives. These sessions will involve mental arithmetic, times tables, number calculations, geometry, data handling, measures and shape and space.

In order to help children in all areas of maths we have subscribed to the 'Times Tables Rockstars' website. Year 6 children have already been given their individual logins and passwords.  

In English, we follow the school’s scheme Success for All (SFA), as a school we have been following this for over three years which has had a very positive impact on the progress of children’s reading and writing across the school. Some children will be taught in smaller groups/class sizes. Some may not necessarily be taught by me, although I will closely monitor your child’s learning by looking at their books and working with the other teachers. Groups change at least once a term. Spellings are set by the class teacher and will be tested each Friday, but your child's SFA teacher may also give them some extra spellings to learn that  they think will be useful. It is important that children spend time each day / week learning their spellings in preparation for their SATs tests. 

Daily Grammar, punctuation and spelling sessions will take place in class before the children go to their SFA groups. 

This term's cross-curricular topic is World War One and World War Two. We have learnt about the causes of war, countries involved and life for civilians and soldiers. We also completed a dance unit, based on the play 'Archie Dobson's war'. Next we are moving onto WW2 and will be learning what life was like for children during this war. As part of our topic we have been reading 'Goodnight Mister Tom.'

Our science topics this term are 'Electricity' and 'Animals, including humans' where we will be finding out about the circulatory system and how to keep our bodies healthy. 

In RE lessons we will be learning about 'The Kingdom of God' and 'Justice'. 

The children will have a broad and balanced curriculum including French, hymn practice, music, PE, PSHE and art and design.

Year 6 are very fortunate to have many opportunities for learning outside the classroom, please ensure you check the weekly newsletter and other letters sent home for more details and upcoming dates. 



Children should have their kits in at all times as PE sessions vary each half term and can change due to the weather conditions. 

It is really important your child has the correct PE kit for health and safety reasons.

Blue/Black shorts

White t-shirt

Pumps or trainers

Blue/Black jogging pants or leggings as the children will be doing outdoor PE this term.

We encourage a change of socks- white but this is not compulsory.

These can be left in school for the half term.

Please encourage your child to have their full kit in at all times, as participation in PE lessons is mandatory and we are trying to prepare the children for their next step into high school. It is their responsibility to make sure they have the correct items of clothing for each lesson and return any items they may have taken home. Not having a full kit may result in loss of Golden Time or playtimes.   


Homework is set on a Friday and must be in by the Thursday. Unfortunately, some children have not regularly returned homework so far this school year and I am eager for this to improve. Year 6 can earn dojo points for completing their homework, which result in individual and class prizes. Children not bringing their homework in on time may have to miss Golden Time or miss their lunchtime to complete the work. Again we are trying to prepare the children as fully as we can for their transition to high school in September.

The children are welcome and encouraged to take reading books home from the class library. I know many of them have their own books to read at home, this is fine, as long as they are reading on a regular basis. The children also have an individual login and password for the website 'Read Theory' which gives them access to a range of genres and questions for each text. This is great support for the reading work we complete in school and i would encourage all children to access this site at least once a week. I am also able to track their progress and will be giving dojo points for regular readers. 


This will be an important and challenging year for the children and completing homework will be a great benefit to their learning. You can also access the Revisewise website to help your child consolidate their knowledge outside of school hours. Education City and Active Learn also provide a great opportunity to practise maths skills in a fun, engaging way. 



If you or your child has any concerns, please feel free to drop me a note or arrange to meet before or after school.




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