Religious Education

As a Catholic school, teaching the Gospel Values underpins everything we do. We follow the Shrewsbury Dicoese agreed syllabus ‘The Way The Truth and The Life’.

This has been embedded into our curriculum and the children cover a variety of topics as they move through the school. Topics include: 'Getting to know Jesus.' in the EYFS, 'Families and Celebrations' in Key Stage 1 and 'The Christian Family' in Key Stage 2.

Religious Education also happens through regular prayer, assemblies and Masses. Fr Ned Wall celebrates school Masses on occasions throughout the year. Hymns and music are used to enhance all our worship.

Underlying our teaching and our relationships are the Gospel values of Honesty and Humility, Justice, Forgiveness and Mercy. Our aim within this context is that all members of our community show respect and care for one another and extend their concern to the needy by prayer and charitable service.

As a Catholic school we expect all children to attend RE lessons and assemblies. However, any parent can request permission for their child to be excused from RE lessons and religious worship, and the school will make alternative arrangements for the supervision of the child.

Parents and carers do not have to explain or give reasons for their request. This right of withdrawal complies with the 1944 Education Act, and was restated in the 1988 Education Reform Act.

The headteacher will keep a record of all children who have been withdrawn from RE lessons or collective worship.