Lunch time at school


Our talented kitchen team work hard to make lunches that are delicious and nutritious. It always helps if your child has an idea what they would like before reaching the serving hatch. Menus are displayed around school and in the dining hall. Younger children would benefit from looking with their parents - maybe on the playground notice-boards or on here.

Please see the school dinner menus below.

Week Beginning 08.01.2018 Week 1

Week Beginning 15.01.2018 Week 2

Week Beginning 22.01.2018 Week 3

Week Beginning 29.01.2018 Week 4

School Lunch Menu week 1 Jan 2018.docx

School Lunch Menu week 3 Jan 2018.docx

School Lunch Menu week 3 Jan 2018.docx

School Lunch Menu week 4 Jan 2018.docx









Meals are prepared and cooked on school premises. Dinner money is paid on ParentPay via with your own login details.

Please use this guide to work out how much it will cost weekly.

5 lunches (i.e a normal week) = £11.00

4 lunches = £8.80 

3 lunches = £6.60

2 lunches = £4.40

1 lunch = £2.20   


Weekly amount for 2 children = £22.00

Weekly amount for 3 children = £33.00

We ask for one weeks notice in writing if you change the lunchtime arrangements because food will have already been ordered.


Free School Meals

Please register your eligibility for free school meals, regardless of your child's age. We receive extra funding for each child registered. This money is carefully spent, ensuring that children with this entitlement benefit most.

Read about it here

Form here


Packed lunches

Packed lunches brought from home will be eaten in the hall under the supervision of the Midday Assistants. We encourage healthy choices. These should include some of the following; a starchy food such as bread, pasta, potato or rice, a protein food such as chicken, ham, egg or beans, a dairy food such as milk, cheese or yoghurt, some fruit or vegetables and a drink of fruit juice, water or a smoothie. We discourage regularly having crisps, chocolate or biscuits, and fizzy drinks are not allowed. If you would like any more information or help with ideas for healthy lunches on a budget please contact the school.  

We want lunchtime to be a happy and social event and we hope that children will enjoy their meals in school. We expect children to behave with courtesy and good manners at all times. One of the foundation stage staff stays with the children until they are settled with the midday staff and happily eating.

The NHS site gives great information about healthy packed lunches, also it links to other sites for tasty ideas!

Other useful sites for healthy eating.