Meet the staff and classes


Head Teacher Mr P Gibbons
Acting Deputy Head Teacher/ Reception Teacher
Mrs N Gaulton
Reception Teacher  
Inclusion Lead/ Year 5 Teacher Mrs A Seville
Year 5 Teacher Mr W Wardle
Year 6 Teacher Miss H Drinkwater
Year 4 Teacher Mr P O'Connor
Year 3 Teacher Mr S Boyd/Miss J Connor
Year 2 Teacher Miss D Roberts
Year 1 Teacher Mrs S Lydon
Nursery Teacher Miss L Hickey
Learning Mentor/ Family Liaison/ Assistant SENCO Mrs N Davies
 EYFS Teaching assistant Mrs L Meaney
 EYFS Teaching assistant  Mrs C Winn
Teaching assistant Mrs A Gannon
Teaching assistant Mrs B Quinn
Teaching assistant Miss R Dunn
School Business Manager Mrs M McGarvey
School Receptionist/Administrator Mrs  C Grinnell
Clerical support Mrs C Houghton
Midday assistant Mrs T English
Midday assistant Mrs C Roberts
Midday assistant Mrs K Woolgar
Midday assistant Mrs S Jeal
CaretakerMr  G Davies
Mrs T O'Loughlin
Mrs P Winn
Kitchen staff Mrs M Dudley
Kitchen staff Mrs N Hardman